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'Til Death Do Us Part: Episode 2 is an Episode Briefing That can be found in the Burnley district of Gotham. There are six parts that comprise this briefing.

Synopsis Edit

"Faust and Black Adam attempt a terrible ritual at Gotham University!"

Briefings Edit

Part 1: 'Til Death II: Lois Lane Edit

'Til Death II - Lois Lane1 'Til Death II - Lois Lane1 Map
  • Location: On the ground, between the two apartments with graffiti on them.
  • Briefing : Lois Lane: "This is Lois Lane with Daily Planet Live. Sightings of the notorious Black Adam of World War III infamy, has Metropolis PD and the Science Police on full alert. Reportedly driven by the murder of his wife, Isis, Black Adam still seeks to punish the world that took his wife despite numerous efforts of Shazam and the Justice Society to bring him back into the heroic fold."

Part 2: 'Til Death II: Vicki Vale Edit

Map1 Part 2 'Til Death II Vicki Vale
  • Location: South east of the University warehouse on top of building with sign that reads: "Nora's frozen Treats"
  • Briefing : Announcer: "Unknown"

Part 3: 'Til Death II: Jack Ryder Edit

'Til Death II - Jack Ryder 'Til Death II - Jack Ryder Map
  • Location: On the ground behind the building across from the night club.
  • Briefing : Jack Ryder: "This is Jack Ryder and you are wrong. Why? Because you think the necromancer Felix Faust is only interested in souls. But he's after more than just your souls friends, he's after the flame of life itself! The mystical power to control life and death, to flood the world with zombies at his command! You think no one can channel the power of life and death friend? Well, you are wrong."

Part 4: 'Til Death II: Lois Lane Edit

'Til Death II - Lois Lane2 'Til Death II - Lois Lane2 Map
  • Location: On the ground between the two apartment buildings.
  • Briefing : Lois Lane: "This is Lois Lane for Daily Planet Live. Metropolis(sic) University recently received a shipment of priceless Kandaki relics, reported to have held the life essence of ancient pharaohs. In a possibly related event, the campus is now overrun with soulless zombies. Felix Faust's involvement is still being confirmed. In the meantime the campus is under full lock-down until the soulless victims are removed."

Part 5: 'Til Death II: Circe Edit

'Til Death II - Circe 'Til Death II - Circe Map
  • Location: In the train stop platform.
  • Briefing : Circe: "Hear me and obey! I, the goddess Circe, command you. Defeat the traitor Faust. He dares try to steal the flame of life, the very secret of creation, a thing that belongs only to the divine, to me! He will feel my wrath! Crush him, and you will reap my pleasure."

Part 6: 'Til Death II: Wonder Woman Edit

'Til Death II - Wonder Woman 'Til Death II - Wonder Woman Map
  • Location: Behind the fountain, south of the University.
  • Briefing : Wonder Woman: "This is Wonder Woman, hear my voice and take courage. Faust uses sorrow and pain as weapons, seeking to convince us that our lives and hearts are as bleak as his own. Fight! Reclaim the flame of life and bring these sad souls back to the light."


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from Vicki Vale or the [[]], accessible from any Mail Terminal.

Mail icon


Mail icon From: Vicki Vale Subject: Briefing: 'Til Death Do Us Part II
"Gotham Now News Brief: Gotham University is still trying to recover tonight after an influx of the mindless dead onto campus. Sentinels of Magic officials are on the scene, trying to make sense of the mindless carnage. For Gotham Now, I'm Vicki Vale."
Attachment: [[]]

Mail icon


Mail icon From: [[]] Subject:
Attachment: [[]]


This collection rewards the player with the Archmagus' Robe item.



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