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'Til Death Do Us Part: Episode I (Briefings)

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'Til Death Do Us Part:
Episode I

Player Briefing

Type Franchise Briefings
Zone Metropolis
Region Chinatown


Til Death Ep1 Complete

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'Til Death do Us Part: Episode 1 is a collection of Briefings that can be found scattered across the Chinatown district of the city of Metropolis. There are six briefs that comprise this set, all found approximately due east of the Chinatown MPD Station.

Synopsis Edit

"Zatanna and Felix Faust go head to head in Chinatown!"

Briefings Edit

Part 1: Vicki Vale Edit

Til Death Ep1 Brief VickieVale Loc Til Death Ep1 Brief VickieVale
Vicki Vale: "This is Vickie Vale. Today, on JLA watch: Zatanna, the Justice League's Mistress of Magic. A self-described spellaholic, Zatanna relies on spells, said backwards, to work her magic. For now, this showstopping sorceress can be found with Doctor Fate leading the Sentinels of Magic, a new task force of heroes dedicated to fighting magical crimes wherever they occur."

Part 2: Lois Lane Edit

Til Death Ep1 Brief LoisLane Loc Til Death Ep1 Brief LoisLane
Lois Lane:"Lois Lane for 'Daily Planet Live!' Today the Justice League confirmed that Wonder Woman, along with Batman and Superman, will lead the new generation of heroes. Wonder Woman was born on the magical island of Themyscira, and is a long-time crusader for peace. She uses power and weapons given by the Olympian gods to fight for freedom on Earth and beyond."

Part 3: Madame Xanadu's Edit

Til Death Ep1 Brief MadameXanadu's Loc Til Death Ep1 Brief MadameXanadu's
Announcer: "Madame Xanadu's Magic Shop. Enter freely, and unafraid. Need a potion? Looking for a spell? Seeking to divine the ancient mysteries? Come to Madame Xanadu's. Your trusted source for all things magical, mystical, and marvelous. We carry everything for spellcasters young and old. Now with locations in Metropolis. Enter freely, and unafraid."

Part 4: Jack Ryder Edit

Til Death Ep1 Brief JackRyder Loc Til Death Ep1 Brief JackRyder
Jack Ryder: "I'm Jack Ryder, and you are wrong if you think you're immune to sorcerers like Felix Faust. He's thousands of years old, and he's sold his soul to demons not once, not twice, but dozens of times; we should get this guy to run the economy. Now he's in Chinatown, stealing souls to conquer the Flame of Life. And if you think his Magents can't steal yours, well friend, you are wrong!"

Part 5: Circe Edit

Til Death Ep1 Brief Circe Loc Til Death Ep1 Brief Circe
Circe: "This is Circe. I am a goddess and I demand your obedience. Faust created these zombies to serve my purposes. Be wise. Follow his example, and claim the power of magic!"

Part 6: Wonder Woman Edit

Til Death Ep1 Brief WonderWoman Loc Til Death Ep1 Brief WonderWoman
Wonder Woman: "I am Wonder Woman, and this Orb of Athena holds a warning for you, Faust. Save what little soul you have left; the Flame of Life is not for mortals. Abandon your quest, before you get burned."

Rewards Edit

Upon completion of this briefing collection players receive a message from Vicki Vale, accessible from any Mail Terminal.

Mail message Edit

Mail icon From: Vicki Vale Subject: Briefing: 'Til Death Do Us Part I
""JLA Watch News Brief: The "Sentinels of Magic" continue to feel their force known tonight in Chinatown as more of Faust's Magents were brought in for questioning. Zatanna was seen escorting the prisoners, and claimed that the new generation of magic heroes have already begun to prove themselves. I'm Vickie Vale.""
Attachment: Carry-Me Panda

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