Beat down patients breaking LexCorp's signal jammers and talking to the press.


"Your jamming technology is good, Lex, but not good enough. Supergirl is in your so-called hospital wing to shut it down, permanently - and bring you and these allies of yours to justice." — Superman

Freelance missionsEdit

Selectable RewardEdit

Weapon Type Name Style
Bow Krypton-Tech Longbow Hunting Bow
Brawling Ancient Kryptonian Knuckleguards Sideblades
Dual Pistol Red Sun Pistols Energy Blaster
Dual Wield Ancient Kryptonian Blades Ninja Sword
Hand Blaster Krypton-Tech Powergloves Hand Cannons
Martial Arts Krypton-Guard Claws Twinscythe Katar
One-Handed Ancient Kryptonian Battleaxe Primitive Axe
Rifle Krypton-Tech Rifle Pulse Rifle
Shield Trooper's Standard Segmented Shield
Staff Timeworn Kryptonian Warstaff Tech Staff
Two-Handed Red Sun Slicer War Axe

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