Ace Chemicals

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The Joker has trusted T.O. Morrow to perform experiments to test and improve the effectiveness of his Joker Toxin. However to the Joker's surprise, Morrow betrays him, using Ace Chemicals as his hideout, with an army of his creations mixed with the toxin. He has even managed to reform Chemo, so you and your group must help Batman/Joker to take Chemo down and defeat Morrow.





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  • In the graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke, it's revealed that Ace Chemicals is where the criminal known as the Red Hood fell into a vat of chemicals and became the Joker.
  • Players will not get all the bosses in one level as they change every time.
  • After defeating Chemo, talking to Batman would result in the latter telling the player that T.O. Morrow has fled despite he could still be seen in the same place in his lab.

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