Acronyms and abbreviations from the world of DC Universe Online.

Many of those are frequently used in chats.

Short Long Form
1H One-Handed
2H Two-Handed
A&B Assault and Battery
AFK Away from keyboard
AM Advanced Mechanics
AOE Area of Effect
BBS Brainiac's Bottle Ship
BIA Brothers in Arms
BD A Black Dawn
BG Prime Battleground
CC Central City
CR Combat Rating
DC(e) Desecrated Cathedral (elite)
DC(n)** Desecrated Cathedral (normal)
DC(r)** Desecrated Cathedral (regular)
DCUO DC Universe Online
DD Damage dealer
Dom Dominance
DoT Damage over Time
DP(e) The Demon's Plan (elite)
DP(n)** The Demon's Plan (normal)
DP(r)** The Demon's Plan (regular)
DPS Damage per second
Exp Experienced
FE Final Exams
FOS Fortress of Solitude
FR Family Reunion
GG Good game
GJ Good job
GLF Group looking for
GOT Themyscira: Gates of Tartarus
HH Happiness Home
HTB Home Turf Bounties
LF Looking for
LFG Looking for group
LOA League of Assassins
LOLS Labyrinth of Lost Souls
LS Last Spot
Mbot Second-Generation Morrowbot (bounty mission)
MR Mist Recovery
NGN New Genesis Now
NPC Non-Player Character
Obot Oolong Siege Robot (bounty mission)
OMW On my way
OP Operation
POT* Power over Time
PUG Pick-up group (i.e. random group)
PSG ProSieben Games
PST Please Send Tell
Resto Restoration
RTTN Return to the Nexus
SOE Sony Online Entertainment
ST Strike Team
T1 Tier 1
T2 Tier 2
T3 Tier 3
T4 Tier 4
T5 Tier 5
T5a T5 Alert
T6 Tier 6
T7 Tier 7
T7a T7 Alert
Themy Themyscira: Gates of Tartarus
TOD Throne of the Dead
TP Trigon's Prison
Troll(er) Controller
VG With a Vengeance
Vita Vitalization
WM Weapon Mastery
WTB Want to buy
WTS Want to sell
WTT Want to trade

*POT is often written as p0t or p o t since the original term is filtered out by the profanity filter in the game.

**The terms normal and regular mean the same, a non-elite version of an instance

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