Against the HIVE is a collection of Investigations that can be found scattered across the Little Bohemia district of the city of Metropolis, and in the "HIVE Base" scenario. There are 6 parts that comprise this set

Synopsis Edit

Queen Zazzala's HIVE are a dedicated fighting force. Information on their technology and techniques could be very valuable.


Table information may vary between heroes and villains.

This table was collected using a villain character.


Description Location


HIVE Swarmer Training Manual HIVE Mind Transmission: Primary Training Mandate: Swarm them. This is found in the first crisis zone of the HIVE quest line. It's located in the north-eastern corner of the park under attack by the HIVE.
Korillian Flyer Navigation Matrix HIVE Mind Transmission: Navigation Matrix 1226 is offline. This is found in the second crisis zone on the west side of the Metrodome in the north most indent.

Hive Drone Armor Plating

HIVE Mind Transmission: Drones- discard armor plating for upgrades. The last token located in Little Bohemia is just on the left side of the instance entrance. It's almost impossible to miss this one.
Against the HIVE part I

Mind Suppressing Neural Devices

HIVE Mind Transmission: Ensure neural devises always functions at optimal parameters.

This Investigation Token is found in the first “hostile” room. Across the room from the doorway there should be a hanger with two HIVE ships inside. The token is found near the right ship next to an “infiltrator” needed for a sub-quest in the instance.

HIVE Stinger Targeting Reticule

HIVE Mind Transmission: Target Aquired - Sting them.

There is a chamber that requires you to operate a computer. This interaction is of course marked with a cog icon. Before entering this room look to the left in the corner in the room just before this one. The Investigation Icon should be sitting in plain sight.

Zazzala’s Deployment Plan

HIVE Mind Transmission: The Queen commands us! The last token is right of the exit. Upon seeing the instance boss (Queen Bee) you should be able to see the token in the pre-fight cut-scene.

Against the HIVE part II


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from Martian Manhunter or the Mad Hatter, accessible from any Mail Terminal.


Mail icon From: Martian Manhunter Subject: Silencing the Swarm
"The machinations of Zazzala have not gone unnoticed. By your efforts gathering HIVE technology from Little Bohemia you have further exposed her plans to the League. We are in your debt."
Attachment: Grooved Korillium Legguards


Mail icon From: Mad Hatter Subject: Now we're playing with power
"Your work gathering HIVE tech in Little Bohemia was forwarded to me by a mutual acquaintance I'm ever so impressed with what the Korilians have accomplished. Rapturous day! I'll have ever so much fun the next time i go to wonderland."
Attachment: Grooved Korillium Legguards


This collection rewards the player with the Grooved Korillium Legguards item.



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