Alpha Lanterns are elite Green Lantern Corps members who have undergone a process to directly link their bodies to their Power Battery using technology formerly used in the creation of the Manhunters.
Part machine, they obey the word of the Guardians of the Universe without question and enact their will across the galaxy, policing the galaxy and the Green Lantern Corps as a type of military police to answer the sometimes emotional and rampant behavior of the Green Lantern corpsmen.

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  • In the Fear vs. Will PvP event, heroes must gather 10 lanterns around a fallen Alpha Lantern in order to revive it before the villains revive a Manhunter across the street.
    • Following this event an Alpha Lantern will be accompanying a Green Lantern vendor, who sells epic weaponry, if the heroes win. The Alpha Lantern will knock-back any villain player who approaches the vendor.
  • An Alpha Lantern in the battlefield is also the starting point of Orbital Justice.


  • When you enter Metropolis City Hall to aid the Sinestro Corps in their battle with the Green Lanterns, the player will face off against an Alpha Lantern acting as a mini-boss before they reach the final showdown between Sinestro and John Stewart.




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  • While still members of the Green Lantern Corps, the Alpha Lanterns have a different oath which goes as follows;
In days of peace, in nights of war,
Obey the laws forever more,
Misconduct must be answered for,
Swear us the chosen, the Alpha Corps.


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