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Amazon Fury Part I

Release May 6th, 2014

April 30th, 2014 (Legendary Subscribers)

Amazon Fury Part I  is a themed Downloadable Content Pack (DLC) for DC Universe Online released on April 30th, 2014 for subscribers and May 6th, 2014 for non-subscribers.
Amazon Fury Part I is the first of the the Amazon Fury trilogy that focuses on Amazons and Mythical creatures.
The DLC includes a new version of Gotham.
Amazon Fury Part I is the 10th DLC to DCUO and introduces free Weapon Mastery access to all players.


In Brainiac’s bid to digitize the multiverse, he created three avatars, each associated with a powerful Nexus of Technology, Meta, and Magic. It was the Avatar of Magic’s creation on Themyscira outside the gates of Tartarus that has led us to this moment. Furious at the attack on Paradise Island, Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, began silently planning a counterstrike. Holding the mortal world responsible for letting the infestation of Brainiac reach her shores, she decides the time for peace has passed and that the time of war and death has begun.
Amazon Fury Part I starts with an all out Amazon assault on Gotham City, the entrance to the Nexus of Reality and the Seat of Brainiac’s power on Earth. But the idea of war has fractured the Amazon civilization, and civil war has erupted. Wonder Woman opposes her mother’s invasion. Amazons have fallen in line behind either their queen or their princess. Which side will you stand beside as the battle for Gotham City begins?
Mythical creatures take up arms as Paradise Island erupts into civil war. Cyclops, Satyrs, Harpies, and more will join the armies of the warring amazons and determine the fate of the mortal world, beginning with Gotham City. The battle lines are being drawn in Amazon Fury Part I.






Iconic VisionsEdit






Base ItemsEdit

Release NotesEdit

Gotham City is under siege!
Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, has gone mad, or so it seems when she allies with Circe and declares war on the mortal world! Her own daughter, Wonder Woman, has rallied an army of Amazons that will defend the people of Gotham City, and try to help their Queen see reason. Hippolyta’s forces have been deployed to Gotham, where you will find Amazon warships patrolling the skies, Amazon soldiers in the streets, and even creatures once believed to be myths!

New Shared Areas!
Themyscira Command Post

Gotham Under Siege

New Alert!

  • Players receive a new Tier 6 Alert.

Themyscira Divided

  • You and your team will fight your way to the Palace gate on Paradise Island, from where Hippolyta directs her war on the mortals.
  • Heroes must make the queen see reason.
  • Villains must protect the palace from Wonder Woman’s rebels!
  • Open your On Duty Menu and look for the new Alert under Tier 6 of the 4 Player Tab.
  • Combat Rating: 100

New Iconic Visions!

Circe’s Trial

  • Assume the role of Circe as she tries to prove herself a loyal ally to Queen Hippolyta and lend her Godlike power to the invading Amazon armada.
  • Open your On Duty Menu and look for Circe’s Trial under Tier 6 of the 1 Player Tab.
  • Combat Rating: 99

Aegis of Truth

  • Play as Wonder Woman and discover how the Amazons became divided.
  • Open your On Duty Menu and look for Aegis of Truth under Tier 6 of the 1 Player Tab
  • Combat Rating: 99

New Duos!

  • Players receive two new Tier 6 Duos.

Supply Lines

  • Go to Themyscira to fight for control of the Warehouses and establish vital supply lines of weapons and resources.
  • Open your On Duty Menu and look for the new Duo under Tier 6 of the 2 Player Tab
  • Combat Rating: 100

Port of Paradise

  • Go to Themyscira and attack the opposing army’s docks to prevent them from resupplying their armies in Gotham.
  • Open your On Duty Menu and look for the new Duo under Tier 6 of the 2 Player Tab
  • Combat Rating: 100

New Tier and Mark!
Amazon Fury Part I introduces Tier 6 rewards and Marks of Fury.

New PvE Gear!
Dress to impress the Gods with four new suit sets and two new weapon sets inspired by the Amazons. Including two new sheathed blade back styles. The new suits and weapon sets are available to both Heroes AND Villains. All Amazon Fury Part I gear drops are un-attuned!

New Base Items!
Collect new base items by participating in Amazon Fury Part I content , some of which inspired by Themyscira and the ancient world.

New Collections & Feats!
Earn new Collections and Feats by completing Amazon Fury Part I content. Collections award new styles inspired by NPCs from the Amazon Fury Part I content.

New Character Select Background!
Players can now select Gotham Under Siege as their Character Selection Background.


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DCUO Amazon Fury Part 1 DLC Trailer


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