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Angelic is an Armor Style Set. It only exists in non-specialised (damage) set. Some parts can be bought from Sentinel Scott in the Watchtower Magic Wing if you have Neutral renown with the Sentinels of Magic.


Angelic (Damage)
Pieces Drops Stats
Synthium Combat Helmet (Head) Lunatic 72 Defense
50 Health
3 Precision
37 Might
12 Item Level
Integrates When Equipped
Value: 126
Shoulderguards of the Divine (Shoulder) Sandtiger 116 Defense
73 Health
7 Power
7 Precision
31 Might
24 Item Level
Integrates When Equipped
Value: 209
Chestplate of the Devine (Chest) Soul Scream 61 Defense
29 Health
15 Precision
9 Might
7 Item Level
Integrates When Equipped
Value: 110
Sabatons of the Seraph(Feet) Soulless Shell 103 Defense
32 Health
28 Power
11 Precision
6 Might
23 Item Level
Integrates When Equipped
Value: 182
Gloves of the Maker(Hands) Sandtiger/Tigershark 110 Defense
45 Health
23 Power
5 Precision
20 Might
12 Level Item
Integrates When Equipped
Value: 189
Beatific Belt (Waist) Waterkeeper 100 Defense
37 Health
65 Power
5 Precision
7 Might
28 Item Level
Integrates When Equipped
Value: 165



  • Collecting the full style set unlocks the feat Heavenly (10 points).



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