Aphrodite's Token is special currency used for the 2011 Valentine's Day event items.


Source Aphrodite's Tokens Availability

Completing a Valentine's Day mission

1 Daily

Completing the Temple of Aphrodite alert



Defeating other players in the Valentine's Day multiplayer race


Aphrodite's Tokens can be used on the special Valentine style, bonbon consumables which grant temporary buffs, or heart consumables required for feats.

Name Type Tokens

Raspberry Bonbon

Consumable 1

Black Cherry Bonbon

Consumable 1

Chocolate Heart Trufle Bonbon

Consumable 1

Be Mine!

Consumable 1

You Wish!

Consumable 1

Lover's Bowler

Style Token 8

Sweetheart's Jacket

Style Token 11

Paramour's Plaid Pants

Style Token 10

Cavalier's Boots

Style Token 7

Darling's Grips

Style Token 6

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