Arkham Session Notes is a collection of Investigations that can be found scattered across Arkham Island in the city of Gotham, near quest objectives for the Home Turf daily missions. There are 6 parts that comprise this set.

Synopsis Edit


Session Note 11-14 Edit

Investigations arkham session notes 1-6
Investigations arkham session notes 1-6 map
  • Location: Behind the crypt in the cemetary
  • Investigation: Announcer: "Unknown"

Session Note 11-13 Edit

  • Location: Located on the Main road on the north side of the island under a lightpole, due north of the Arkham entrance.
  • Investigation: Announcer: "Unknown"

Session Note 10-21 Edit

Investigations arkham session notes 3-6
Investigations arkham session notes 3-6 map
  • Location: On the guard tower
  • Investigation: Announcer: "Unknown"

Session Note 10-24 Edit

  • Location:
  • Investigation: Announcer: "Unknown"

Session Note 12-21 Edit

  • Location:
  • Investigation: Announcer: "Unknown"

Session Note 12-26 Edit

  • Location: Above the entrance on the roof located just behind the small tower between 2 AC units.
  • Investigation: Announcer: "Unknown"


 Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from Steel or the [[]], accessible from any Mail Terminal.


Mail icon From: Steel Subject: Insight into Arkham
"These session notes from Jeremiah Arkham's interviews may be disturbing, but they will definitely help me figure out what Morrow is up to at Arkham Asylum. I appreciate your collecting them for me. Thanks."
Attachment: Crackling Bugzapper


Mail icon From: [[]] Subject:
Attachment: Crackling Bugzapper


This collection rewards the player with the Crackling Bugzapper base item. 



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