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Arkham Unleashed: Episode 2 is an Episode Briefing that can be found in both Burnley and Otisburg districts of Gotham. There are six parts that comprise this briefing.

Synopsis Edit

Pretty Poison Ivy wreaks havoc on the Otisburg district!

Briefings Edit

Part 1: Arkham II: Vicki Vale Edit

Arkham Unleashed 3.1

  • Location: Two blocks west of the Amusement mile map marker. Just above street level in a small plaza area. Just to the west of a large blue glass window hotel.
  • Briefing : Vicki Vale: "With Gotham Now, I'm Vicki Vale. The Giodarno Gardens area is under strict quarantine after an attack by former botanist, Dr. Pamela Isley, now better known as Poison Ivy. The mean queen of green claims the world for plants using pheromones and the plants themselves as weapons. Is Ivy looking at another stay in Arkham or will Gotham be a new kind of urban jungle? Stay tuned."

Part 2: Arkham II: Jack Ryder Edit


  • Location: See Image
  • Briefing : Jack Ryder: "I'm Jack Ryder and You Are Wrong! Why? Because you think when crazies go to Arkham Asylum, they get better. Asylum for the Criminally left butt-cheek! Never mind that the place is a revolving door for psychos. They actually come out worse! There's something deeply wrong going on in Arkham, friend. And if you don't believe me. You are wrong!"

Part 3: Arkham II: Harvey Bullock Edit

Arkham-Unleashed-II-3 Arkham-Unleashed-II-3-Map

  • Location: See Images
  • Briefing : Bullock: "Dispatch, this is Bullock. Bat sent in the Boy Wonder, but there's no word. SCU and the new hero should be on this, right? Well they can catch up, I'm going in!"
    Female Officer: "10-4, Bullock. Use extreme caution and your green(?) breather against Ivy's spores."
    Bullock: "Oh yeah, yeah, I can't breathe through my nose anyway. Damn adenoids! Eh, Bullock out."

Part 4: Arkham II: Catwoman Edit

Arkham Unleashed Ep2 Pt4 Arkham Unleashed Ep2 Pt4 map
  • Zone: Gotham
  • Region: Burnley
  • Location: On a rooftop Southwest of Giordano Botanical Gardens
  • Briefing : Catwoman: "*rings* *click* *beep* Pamela. Selina. I don't know what you're up to, but Harley is feeling left out. That means she's calling me. Every. Five. Minutes. Frankly, she's driving me batty, and we both know how much I hate that. Whatever your botanical scheme is, give it a rest, and give her a ring. Hmm? Ciao. *click*"

Part 5: Arkham II: Batman Edit


  • Location: See Image (In the unfinished building)
  • Briefing : Batman: "Batman to GCPD. Do not attempt to apprehend Poison Ivy alone. She uses pheromones to entrance people and force them to her will. They're pollen-based, so the entire area is contaminated. Robin is recruiting the new heroes to get her back to Arkham. Leave it in their hands. Batman out."

Part 6: Arkham II: Joker Edit

Arkham Unleashed 3.6
  • Zone: Gotham
  • Region: Amusement Mile
  • Location: 3 1/2 blocks west of point of interest
  • Briefing : Joker: "Ring! Ring! Yeaaah... Joker here. I hear my fellow Arkham Ex-Pat Ivy is kicking up a notch over in Giordano Gardens. I don't have much of a green thumb myself. I never managed to keep a single plant alive! Hmm. Or a pet. Or a friend. Hehe. Spot a trend? Well don't let me keep you. If she doesn't kill you, I'm sure I will."


Rewards Edit

Completing this briefing rewards the player with the Plant Style Head item. 


From: Vicki Vale Subject: Briefing: Arkham Unleashed II

Gotham Now News Brief: Roughly a dozen GCPD officers are in quarantine tonight after a conclusion to the 'Ivy' incident near the Giordano Garden. We'll follow their recovery as it progresses. For Gotham Now, I'm Vicki Vale.

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