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An Artifact is a new type of gear that you will slot into a new equipment slot, and that you can rank up and fortify to unlock powerful bonuses. Unlike other types of gear that you replace frequently as you advance in Combat Rating, Artifacts require a long term investment and grow with your character. Many Artifacts will also grant new Passive or Active abilities in addition to stats, and will provide new options for how you build or play your character.

Obtaining ArtifactsEdit

You will get your first Artifact by completing the new Artifacts Mission from John Constantine (available at level 20). Once completed, you can obtain additional Artifacts from Constantine in the Watchtower or Hall of Doom for Marks of Victory.

Known ArtifactsEdit

Cog of Mageddon Damage (Weapons) Icon Cog of Mageddon (Base)
Dilustel Refractor Tank Icon Dilustel Refractor (Base)
Entwined Rings of Azar Controller Icon Entwined Rings of Azar (Base)
Legionnaire's Sparring AI Damage (Weapons), Tank Icon Legionnaire's Sparring AI (Base)
Parasite's Power Harness Controller Icon Parasite's Power Harness (Base)
Scrap of the Soul Cloak Any Role Icon Scrap of the Soul Cloak (Base)
Starheart Fragment Healer Icon Starheart Fragment (Base)
Tetrahedron of Urgrund Damage (Superpowers) Icon Tetrahedron of Urgrund (Base)
Episodes and Events
Omegahedron Any Role Icon Omegahedron (Base)
Time Capsules
Lazarus Pit Water Any Role Icon Lazarus Pit Water (Base)
The Demon's Fang Healer Icon The Demon's Fang (Base)
Venom Wrist Dispenser Damage (Weapons) Icon Venom Wrist Dispenser (Base)

Upgrading ArtifactsEdit

In your inventory, there is a new tab called Artifacts. Once you have an Artifact and some Nth Metal, you can combine the two to add Item Experience to the Artifact. Different kinds of Nth Metal are worth different amounts of Item Experience. Get enough Item Experience into your Artifact and it will increase in Rank. Each Rank gives a small, exponentially increasing stat boost. Every 20 Ranks is a Milestone Rank, which offer larger bonuses and require specific Catalysts to break through.

Nth MetalEdit

Nth Metal is the core reagent for your Artifact. Once you’ve acquired your first Artifact, you’ll be able to find Nth Metal as a rare drop from defeating NPCs. In addition, you’ll be able to get large caches of Nth Metal by completing the Vault and the Stabilizer Event. Nth Metal comes in various qualities, with rarer, more refined pieces granting larger amounts of Item Experience when used to fortify your Artifact.

Sin StonesEdit

Sin Stones are another reagent for Artifacts. They are merely available from certain Time Capsules.


Catalysts are special items required to break through Milestone Ranks. These can be acquired by completing specific Duos, Alerts, and Raids throughout DCUO. Each Milestone Rank requires a different and specific combination of Catalysts, which in turn should bring some traffic to the places where they’re found.


Various feats are available related to artifacts.

Main article: General Feats


  • Artifacts, which are not needed anymore, can be used to level up other artifacts.
  • With Hotfix 18/01/18 a second artifact slot was introduced making it possible to equip two artifacts at the same time.
  • With Hotfix 15/02/18 the maximum rank of artifacts was increased from 100 to 120.
  • With Game Update 84 the maximum rank of artifacts was increased from 120 to 160.
  • Artifacts will be temporarily disabled in PvP instances.


  • Fortifying an artifact with Nth Metal
  • Milestone rank breakthrough with Seal of Preservation


Preview Artifacts! Livestream Replay

Preview Artifacts! Livestream Replay

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