WANTED! The GCPD seeks the removal of an angry Kahndaqian mummy, Nepheritos. Considered a serious threat: do not approach alone

The Society seeks the destruction of the rogue Ancient Mummy known as Nepheritos! Target has a high threat level: approach in force!




Neph can be a tricky kill, things can go wrong very quickly.

Neph is located in the University grounds surrounded by wandering zombies.

If you're in a full group of 4 with a healer then these zombies wont pose too much of an issue, but they will constantly respawn during the fight.

Neph hits moderately hard, hard enough that a tank is suggested for this fight. He will also summon scarabs at random intervals that if left to run around will cause trouble.

His real threat is a massive AoE, I mean this thing will kill a DPS in 2-3 pulses.

As long as you can avoid the AoE and keep the adds under control he will go down slowly but surely.

Goodluck and have fun!



  • $107



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