BOUNTY: The Flash is a bounty mission for villain players, accessible via the Bounty Poster in the Burnley Nightclub. The mission's task is to locate and defeat The Flash in Gotham City.


Wanted! The Cult of Blood seeks the defeat of the Flash. Considered a threat to criminal activity: do not approach alone.


  • Locate and defeat the Flash in Gotham


Flash can be found in the Gotham Robinson Park near the Pillars of Hades.

Flash is a pain, he will randomly target party members so can't be reliably "tanked" taking a healer with you will be much more useful.

He moves at very high speed and teleports around the fight, meaning it's nearly impossible to hit him with melee weapons reliably. Ranged weapon users will find this much easier than any melee users. In fact, The Flash has very limited ranged options, so you can avoid most of his damage if you're a flier simply by hovering above him and attacking from range.

He produces a few knockbacks and stuns but nothing that will worry you, the main point of this fight is the frustrating movement and inability to hit him consistently.



  • $107


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