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The baliff fight starts out easy enough. You start the fight by clearing out the braniac adds to get to the console that starts the fight. The baliff stays in his protective barrier while you the players try to bring kidnapped humans into his area.

The point of bringing in kidnapped humans is to fill a jury pool of humans, rather than let braniac adds fill the jury pool with braniac sparks. You can get a feat if you get all 12 jurors to be humans but you can fight the boss with just 7 humans.

How you get the humans to him is you must fight the bigger braniac adds that are carrying smaller braniac enemies. When you defeat them the smaller braniacs will vanish, and kidnapped humans will appear on opposite sids of the boss fight.

Be careful though because on the way bringing the humans to the baliff there are glowing squares that switch on and off. If you step on the square while it is glowing you will get electrocuted. The electrocution will not major damage but it will temporarily paralyze you.

To do this mission you need a team with all roles. It is the tanks job to go get the humans, and when the tank is not bringing in jurors he/she can pull the big braniac adds away from the baliff. To prevent braniac jurors from being added.

It is the job of the dps to kill the big braniac adds, and the trolls job to supply power to the dps, and the troller. The healer's job is to supply health, not to worry about doing damage!

The mini boss fight is simple, because the baliff does not do that much damage. If you wish to get the feat you must fill the jury pool to it's max with humans while the baliff is on the field. As I mentioned before the baliff does not do much damage so if your healer does his job no one should get downed but if anyone does get downed revive them immeditaly because if they die, they will not be able to rejoin the fight until either the baliff is dead, or the team gets ko'd.

The hardest part about this alert is getting the feat because if even a single braniac juror gets in the mix you will not get the feat.

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