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Speak to Catwoman in the North Burnley Nightclub.

"So much for Bane's entry in my Gang War! I'll have to think who to put in harm's way next. Two-Face? Hush? Perhaps even... the Penguin? So many possibilities... Now run along and speak with Catwoman at the safehouse, and we'll talk again soon. Ta-ta!" — Joker
  • Meet with Catwoman


  • Cash: 10
  • Selectable Weapon

Selectable RewardEdit

Weapon Type Name Style
Bow Shielded Nanochine Bow Tech-Enhanced Longbow
Brawling Bouncer's Favorite Knuckles Spike Cestus
Dual Pistol PX4200 Pistols Plasma Pistol
Dual Wield Anodized Nanochine Escrima Stick Exobyte-Infused Escrima Stick
Hand Blaster Shielded Nanochine Blasters Plasma Gauntlets
Martial Arts Claws of Zinthos Traditional Katar
One-Handed Machined Synthium Sword Bone Hilt Katana
Rifle LR9000 Rifle Intergang Rifle
Shield Anodized Nanochine Plate Multi-Plated Shield
Staff Combat Energy Staff Cog-Headed Staff
Two-Handed Thug Slugger Baseball Bat

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