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The Barbarian is an Armor Style Set themed on the warriors of Skartaris; a pocket-dimension located within the core of the Earth.

The dimension has various levels of culture ranging from the primitive to medieval, with the most advanced inhabiting city state monarchies. The practice of magic is well developed, with numerous sorcerers being known, and remnants of the scientific technology of Kingdom of Atlantis can also be found. Skartaris is overrun by a variety of prehistoric creatures from all geological eras, notably dinosaurs, and as such has a reputation for being a very savage place to live


Barbarian (Healer)
Pieces Drops Stats
Barbarian (Tank)
Pieces Drops Stats
Barbarian (Controller)
Pieces Drops Stats
Barbarian (Damage)
Feet Shady Nightclub Stats




  • The skin may be a resemblance to the tattoes of Kratos from the God of War series.


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