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The Emblem of Batman

The Bat Family is a close knit group of talented vigilantes dedicated to the cause of justice and the eradication of crime. From the start, Bruce Wayne trusted a scant few with the details of his secret life, but as his crusade wore on and he realized that others shared his deeply abiding hunger for justice. Orphaned circus aerialist Dick Grayson would soon become his squire, even the daughter of James Gordon would find inspiration in the shadow of the Bat. There would be more men and woman like Bruce, lost youths drawn inexorably to a higher and more noble calling. A small army of selfless vigilantes pledging devoted service to Batman and his cause.


Members of the Bat Family appear frequently throughout the game in many capacities, handing out missions to players who have created hero characters, and often teaming up with new heroes, or battling new villains. With the exception of Nightwing, the Batman related vigilantes are found only in Gotham City, or in the Tech Wing of the JLA Watchtower; the assigned wing for all heroes mentored by Batman.
Nightwing appears with fellow Titans members during the mission to free Raven from Trigon's control in the Metropolis SCU.







  • While she is not a member of the Bat Family, Black Canary was included in an instance where Scarecrow created illusions of members of the Bat Family to attack Batwoman.
  • It is widely known amongst both the Hero and Villain communities that the "Bats" occupy Gotham City and don't take well to outside visitors.


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