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Batman (Bruce Wayne)

Title Batman, The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader, World’s Greatest Detective
Faction Heroes
Gender Male
Race Human
Location Gotham City


Power Gadgets / Iconic
Origin Tech
Movement Acrobatics
Weapon Martial Arts

The urban myth of the Batman; a bat-like spectre that swoops on the corrupt and protects the innocent in Gotham City, is a well known tale told amongst the criminal underworld that warns them never to trust the shadows. What they don't realize is that the urban myth is real.

Motivated by a tragedy from his past and having dedicated a vast span of his life to honing his physical and mental abilities to near-peak human potential, the Batman is a deductive-minded vigilante who operates within the city of Gotham to eradicate crime and corruption and to bring peace and justice back to the streets.

Background Edit

Son of billionaires Thomas and Martha Wayne, as a child Bruce Wayne watched his parents get shot in front of him by a hoodlum after a movie in crime alley.

Promising never to be as helpless again and to avenge his parents' death by ensuring that no one else would suffer his fate, Bruce spent his childhood and teenage years accumulating various skills he would need to fight crime.

Following his near disastrous debut appearance in Gotham City, Bruce felt that he needed something that would strike fear into the hearts of criminals and began designing a persona to achieve this. Inspired by a bat, Bruce modeled his persona around the Gothic archetype and began accumulating various gadgets, vehicles and tools he would need in his "War on crime" in the underground caverns underneath Wayne Manor, aka the Batcave.

Combat StatisticsEdit

Involvement Edit

  • New players can select a pre-made character template inspired by Batman.
  • Batman is an iconic hero who appears at various locations in Gotham City as part of the More Than You Can Chew and Fanboy feats. If a hero encounters him he will make a comment and then disappear, if a villain encounters him he will knock them back and then leave.
  • Batman is a playable character for Legends PVP. He is currently only available as a pre-purchase bonus.

Heroes Edit

  • When players choose a Heroic Tech character in their Character Creation, they will apprentice with Batman and get missions from him as their Mentor.
  • Batman offers players who chose him as a mentor a series of quests when they reach level 30, which tie together all the lower-level Gotham story arcs involving T.O. Morrow and the Joker into one cohesive conclusion, leading to a confrontation between Batman, the player and a Robot Batman created by Brainiac and T.O. Morrow in a Undisclosed Location .
  • During the Batcave: Brainiac Sub-Construct raid, the party will have to fight Batman, who has become infected by the OMAC virus and become an OMAC, as well as numerous Batman Robots.

Villains Edit

  • Villains who follow the Joker quests will fight Batman at level 15. He and the Joker square off in a fight over Joker's new poison.
  • Tech Villains will also fight Batman at level 30, though he is weakened after being hit by a dose of T.O. Morrow's enhanced Joker Toxin.
  • Batman is one of the random bosses who enter Arkham Asylum in the Make Them Mad mission. Villains have to stop him meddling with Scarecrow's, Poison Ivy's and Mister Freeze's activities by order of T.O. Morrow. (Requires Home Turf DLC)

Trivia Edit

  • Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939)
  • Batman is voiced by Kevin Conroy.
  • As part of the heroic "Trinity", Batman is considered to represent the heroic facade of retribution, darkness, detective, technological science and vigilante heroism; he works to show that one should triumph over fear and that only the guilty should need to fear anything.
  • In Gotham Subway Duo, Clayface either turns into Batman and Robin or Joker and Harley Quinn during the fight.
  • Batman's playboy billionaire alter ego, Bruce Wayne, owns Wayne Enterprises and large swatches of Gotham City. With these resources he has managed to provide funding, equipment and even headquarters for many superheroes and superhero teams.
  • During the DC Universe Online final Beta event, developer Jim Lee controlled Future Batman while leading the hero players against the villain players.

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