Battle Drone is a Gadgets power that becomes available at Level 23.


Deploy an automated drone to assist your in combat. The Battle Drone revitalizes your group, restoring Power over time.

Damage Role : Bombards enemies with firepower, damaging them.

Control Role : Shields allies, protecting them from incoming damage.


Group Power Heal
Usable While Controlled
Cooldown: 60s
Supercharge Cost: 5000

Head Equipment ModsEdit

Head Equipment Mods are available for this power:




Battle Drone does not cause damage while the caster is in Controller role.

Pets have various abilities that are randomly used on enemies who its controller is attacking

  • Primary Attack - Fires a shot to damage enemies
  • Missile Barrage - Fires a grenade to damage to a single enemy and causes AoE damage around it.
  • Battle Plan - Restores power to its controller and his team

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