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The son of scientists attempting to isolate the genetic bond between humans and animals, Garfield Logan accompanied his parent to Africa where a green furred monkey bit and infected him with the Sakutia virus.

Because of this virus, Garfield became bright green and gained the ability to change into any animal. Soon afterward his parents died in a boating accident but he found a new home in the Doom Patrol. Working with the Doom Patrol as "Beast Boy" until they seemingly perished in an explosion, Garfield started an acting career before signing up to join the Teen Titans.

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  • Beast Boy is located in the War Room of the JLA Watchtower. Speak to him to initiate the fighting/training simulator.
  • Beast Boy can be found patrolling the Gotham Wastelands with the Titans.
  • In Trigon's Prison, Beast Boy may assist in combating distressed spirits in the upper levels of the catacombs.



  • Beastboy first appeared in Doom Patrol #99 (November 1965)
  • Beastboy is voiced by Josh Meyer.
  • In spite of his appearance, Robin admits that Beast Boy is an okay actor.
  • Beast Boy constantly fights the animalistic urges of his transformations.
  • Garfield's stardom stems from being in a cult science fiction television series called Space Trek: 2022; which is the DC Universe equivalent of the original Star Trek television series.


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