Beat the Heat is a level 21 villain mission automatically started upon the completion of Ice Heist Baby.

Defeat SCU forces threatening Mister Freeze's operations in Diamond District near Mercy General Hospital in Gotham.


"All buddy-buddy with mister ice-and-snow-man now, are we? Good. Play along for awhile. In fact, I do believe the GCPD is planning a big super secret attack against Freeze at the hospital. Go bust it up, it'll keep Freeze thinking you're on his side. Besides, I know how much you enjoy beating up our boys in blue." — Joker
  • Travel to the SCU Staging Point Near Gotham Mercy Hospital and Scout the Area
  • Disrupt the SCU's Surprise Attack Preparations (0/15)
"Why should the fun end here? The SCU has Freeze's man pinned down in jewelry stores just nearby. What say we spring the poor slobs and lure the SCU into our ambush? It's win-win!" — Joker
  • Use Police Car Radios and Lure SCU into an Ambush (0/5)
  • Defeat SCU Forces and Reduce their Ranks (0/15)
"Aren't you are devious little psychopath? Springing Freeze's men, beating on cops... After that little act, Mister Freeze must think you're his new best friend. I had Calculator arrange a meeting for you with one of Freeze's men nearby. Play along until he lets you in the hospital. Then we'll show him what friends are really for..." — Joker
  • Talk to the Freeze Agent on the Roof of Gotham Mercy Hospital
"Mister Freeze must be planning to freeze all of Gotham solid so he can finally live outside of his cryo-suit. But why does Joker care? He's not the Grinch. He HAS no heart." — Calculator

Freelance missionEdit

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