Break into the Cape Carmine Lighthouse to beat down Bane with Killer Croc.


"Ready to rummmmmmble? Bane's holed up in the Cape Carmine Lighthouse with the last of his Venom. Use the entrance up top behind the light to get on in there and make the city safe for the Falcone's bribery and exploitation. And oh - Killer Croc's inside. Falcone is actually paying him to take out Bane - when everyone knows he'd do it for free!" — Joker
  • Find Bane and Break him
"Bane broke Batman's back. And now, you broke Bane - say that ten times fast! I have a sneaking suspicion his Venom's been tampered with. For now, head back to the safehouse. More awaits!" — Calculator

Freelance missionsEdit

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