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Beginning of the End: Episode I is an Episode Briefing that can be found near and in locations relating to the story arc "Beginning of the End". There are 6 parts that comprise this briefing.

Synopsis Edit

"The HIVE invades the Metropolis Metrodome in Little Bohemia!"

Briefings Edit

Part 1: The End I: Lois Lane Edit

  • Location: On top of the building closest to the northeast street corner of the block that the Metropolis Metrodome sits on. You can check the map above to get a better idea of the building in reference.
  • Briefing : Lois Lane: "This is Lois Lane for Daily Plant Live. Just blocks from the Metropolis Metrodome where LexCorp, STAR Labs, and the HIVE are at war. The HIVE is led by their Queen Bee, an alien princess from the planet Coral who uses her mind control pollen to swell her insectile ranks. The JLA is advising all citizens to stay out of the area until further notice. More as the story progresses."

Part 2: The End I: Lois Lane Edit

Beginning of the End - Episode 1 - Part 1 Beginning of the End - Episode 1 - Part 1 Map
  • Location: Travel west from the dome. Look for a building with blue skylights. Token is at ground level at the corner of the building.
  • Briefing : Lois Lane: "This is Lois Lane, reporting on the ongoing conflict between two of our planets mightiest beings. The man of steel, Superman, and the man of money, Lex Luthor. Both Superman and Lex have sworn to lead the new generation of powered beings into battle, but against Brainiac, or each other? Stay tuned to Daily Planet Live."

Part 3: The End I: Metrodome Ad Edit

  • Location: On the roof of the particularly tall building directly south of the Metropolis Metrodome.
  • Briefing : Announcer: "The Metropolis Metrodome! The world most advanced sports and convention facility. Whether it's to see the big game, attend the latest rally for superhuman powers, check out advanced alien technology, or purchase new charms and spells, Metropolis swarms to the Metropolis Metrodome."

Part 4: The End I: Jack Ryder Edit

Beginning of the End - Episode 1 - Part 4 Beginning of the End - Episode 1 - Part 4 Map
  • Location: In the garden directly north (outside the front entrance) of the Metropolis Metrodome. Check by the trees against the street, it will be the western side.
  • Briefing : Jack Ryder: "I am Jack Ryder and You Are Wrong! Why? Because you think Queen Bee and the HIVE are no threat compared to Brainiac. Brainiac isn't using hypno-pollen to covert humans into mindless, sexless drones. You heard me! Mindless, sexless drones! Who wants that?! No one! You may think you're safe, friend, but you are wrong."

Part 5: The End I: Lex Luthor Edit

Beginning of the End - Episode 1 - Part 5 Beginning of the End - Episode 1 - Part 5 Map
  • Location: In a corner of the ledge that runs around the top of the Metropolis Metrodome. Explore the southwest side of this ledge and look between the wall and a radio antenna to find the token glowing away back there.
  • Briefing : Lex Luthor: "This is Luthor to LexCorp. Keep the bugs away from my Exobytes at all costs. I'm sending in reinforcements to help beat back the HIVE, so I repeat, defend the Exobytes. Sacrifice yourself if necessary. Are we clear? Luthor out."

Part 6: The End I: Superman Edit

Beginning of the End - Episode 1 - Part 6 Beginning of the End - Episode 1 - Part 6 Map
  • Location: On the opposite end of the southern ledge that token number 5 is. Search around the south eastern part of this ledge.
  • Briefing : Superman: "Superman to STAR Labs. HIVE is attacking both STAR Labs and LexCorp's Exobyte supply and taking them to the stadium. Your first priority is to defend yourselves. I am sending in reinforcements to help. You're in good hands. Superman out."


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from Lois Lane, accessible from any Mail Terminal.

Mail icon


Mail icon From: Lois Lane Subject: Briefing: The End I
"Daily Planet News Brief: Minions of the HIVE began to flee the MetroDome stadium en masse today after an explosive conflict seemingly erupted inside. Details are still pending at this late hour. For Daily Planet Live, this has been Lois Lane."
Attachment: Polished Korllium Gloves


This collection rewards the player with the Polished Korllium Gloves hands item (Style: Jah Kir).



External LinksEdit

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