Bestiamorph Berserkers are members of Circe's Bestiamorph Army. They resemble humanoid rhinoceroses.

They mainly attack with a weak ranged attack along with an exceedingly damaging head-first charge which could hit up to 320 and knocks the player flying. Block reduces this to about 80.

They could also ground a player, dragging their target right to them at the same time. Players with Flight should remain on the ground while fighting these for this reason.

Despite their fearsome max hit, as their normal attacks are extremely weak (max ~10 damage) and they tend to wander around a bit after using their special attack, they are quite easy to defeat as long as players block their charge.

Note: The combat abilities of bestiamorphs seems to be changed in a update and they are now easier and more suitable to players of that level. While they gained the ability to occasionally block player attacks (which is more effective than player blocks, reducing all damage to 1), their charge attack damage is greatly reduced. Their normal attacks are now stronger, hitting up to 32 rapidly. They could no longer ground players. They do not have a "skull" when they charge now, as it hits even lower than their normal attacks. They could knock back and stun players with normal attacks.

It is possible, but difficult, to dodge their charge attack. Player must dodge after they have started charging, and needless to say this must be done from a distance. Their charge have a surprisingly large attack radius, so only experienced players should attempt this.

Players are advised to look for Berserkers on their own, as nearby Bestiamorph Raveners with their long-ranged attacks would be dangerous.



  • You play as the Bestiamorph Berserker when Circe transforms you into a mindless Beastiamorph. But then Wonder Woman frees your soul but your still a huge rhino humanoid (this will happen if your a magic hero at level 15).
  • In the level 12 mission Bestiamorph Havoc, heroes need to defeat 20 bestiamorphs.
  • In yet another level 12 mission Destroy the Barrier, heroes need to defeat 20 bestiamorphs.
  • 5 Bestiamorph Berserkers must be defeated for The Search for Wonder Girl.


  • The same happens when you are a villain as well but since you are already a servant of Circe you are not saved by Wonder Women and are changed back once you exit out of Chinatown Cafe (this is a solo instance mission at level 15).

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