Beware of Jokers Bearing Gifts is a level 13 mission started upon completion of Laugh Riot.

The Joker's giant presents contain captured GCPD officers and Jokandroids. Rescue the cops and wreck the mechanical menaces!
Joker's present

A very suspicious present.


"Before I go, I have a little present for you -- lots of them, in fact. Some of them hold suffocating GCPD officers. Others, well, that'll be a fun surprise, won't it? Don't say I never gave you anything! Hahahahaaa!" — Joker
  • Free GCPD Officers from Joker's Presents (0/5) (822 xp)
  • Destroy Jokandroids hiding in Joker's Presents (0/5) (822 xp)
"Joker's sloppy. He'll have left the toxin formula with Harley. Robin's already there - he may need backup. I'm counting on you... Batman out." — Batman

Upon completion, Lunatic Fringe is automatically started.


  • The presents may contain nothing or a Hiding Schizo instead.
  • Further officers may be freed, but the player gains no benefits.



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