Infiltrate Brother Eye's lair in the Gotham sewers, shut him and the OMACs down, and pillage any data store that remain.


"We have no choice. We must take out Brother Eye. From an old datalink to the satellite, it seems that part of it is hidden in Gotham's sewers, using the tunnels to send OMACs out into the city. It's resisting all my efforts to shut it down. You'll need to go in and use multiple EMPs to break its enhanced shielding." — Batman
"Fire is inside waiting for you with a device to convert the internal junction boxes into makeshift EMPs." — Batman
"[breaking up] Shielding is interfering with my communications. [static] I won't be able to contact you much longer. [static] But be aware [breaks up] Brother Eye's drones are scouting the area [breaks up] analyze their patterns and you may be able to get past without activating them [breaks up]" — Batman
"Since the deactivated OMACs are a blank, you must face Brother Eye himself to gain his data. He's squatting in the sewers and using the tunnels to deploy his OMACs. Only multiple EMPs will take down his shielding, so I'm sending in Killer Frost. She'll give you a device to use on junction boxes down below." — Lex Luthor
"Look for Killer Frost in the tunnels. [dryly] I'm sure she'll give you a warm welcome [normal] along with the EMP device. And she'll make sure you get in safely, if she wants to survive." — Lex Luthor
"[breaking up] Brother Eye's shielding is breaking up communications [breaking up] so I won't be able to steer you through. [static] Watch out for Brother Eye's drones [breaks up] and try to get past without activating them [static] if you can. The data [breaks up]" — Lex Luthor
  • Defeat Brother Eye

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