Body Types is a part of Character Creation where the player can choose their character's gender (male or female) and what build (large, medium, small) they want their character to have.

Body types come in six variants (three per gender), with each variant divided further into large, medium or small. The choices are purely cosmetic, the character's size and shape does not affect their speed or strength stats in the game.


Body TypesEdit




Original male sizes


Original female sizes

  • Originally, players only had three body types to choose from (large, medium, small) for both genders, however, 12 new body types were added in Game Update 4.
  • The Style Set worn by the characters representing the body types is a combination of the M Slimline Chest, the Two-Color Slimline Legs and the Techno Waist.
  • Body type can be changed by using respec tokens found at vending machines.

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