A Boom Tube allows people and objects to travel interstellar distances, and between dimensions, quickly by creating an apparent tube between two points through which people can travel.
When used, a low humming accompanies the formation of the "tube" - a tunnel of rippling circles of light - which increases as the tube is maintained and traversed, ultimately culminating in a loud "booming" noise when it closes. This "boom" has been known to knock bystanders off their feet and shatter glass, and gives the technology its name.

The tubes need to be generated or opened by another device, commonly a Mother Box.




  • Boom Tubes first appeared in Forever People #1 (March, 1971)
  • The New God, Metron, has claimed that he was the one who invented the 'Boom Tube' technology.
  • Boom Tubes can also adjust the size of the traveler so that they are a different size exiting the tube from when they entered. This is because the inhabitants of New Genesis and Apokolips are giants compared to the people on Earth. When they travel through a boom tube to other places in the universe, the technology shrinks them down to mortal proportions so that they can better interact with other inhabitants.