The Box of Valentine's Gifts was handed out to all players during the Valentine's Day Event 2013.

Obtained fromEdit


The 2013 box contained the following items:

Romantic's Emblem Style Icon Emblem 001 Blue
Lover's Bowler Style Icon Head 003 Green
Darling's Grips Style Icon Hands 004 Green
Cavalier's Boots Style Icon Feet 008 Green
Paramour's Plaid Pants Style Icon Legs 003 Green
Sweetheart's Jacket Style Icon Chest 003 Green
Cupid's Bow Weapon CupidBowIcon


Since the original Valentine's Day Event of 2011 was not repeated due to quality concerns of the game's developers, this box was handed out in 2013 to allow players to achieve the related seasonal feats. Since 2015 most of the items contained in here are again available from the seasonal vendor, the Valentine's Kiosk.

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