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Brainiac (Vril Dox)

Title Brainiac
Faction Brainiac's Forces
Gender Male
Race Colu
Location N/A


Power Mental / Iconic
Origin Tech
Movement Flight
Weapon Dual Wield


Vril Dox was Scientist Prime on the planet Colu, disintegrated after a failed attempt to overthrow the planet’s authority, his mind survived and travelled to Earth where it used its vast telepathic and psychokinetic abilities to possess various bodies before downloading itself into various android shells to continue its attempts of galactic conquest.

Desiring the knowledge to unlock the secrets of the Multiverse, Brainiac targets Earth, the central point of each Multiverse universe, to acquire it.

Combat StatisticsEdit


  • Brainiac is the primary antagonist responsible for the events leading up to the influx of Future Lex Luthor's exobytes upon the world's inhabitants.
  • Catching the planet unaware, Brainiac manages to encase a large majority of Metropolis and Gotham City in energy fields in preparation for digitisation. Unable to stop him, the Justice League turns to the new exobyte-empowered heroes to turn the tide.
  • In the Batcave Raids, Brainiac has located and infiltrated the Batcave in order to obtain Earth's knowledge through the Batcomputer. Players will fight Brainiac's Avatar of Tech, which is the embodiment of what he's learned of Earth's technology, before fighting a robotic drone of Brainiac himself. When defeated, Calculator and Oracle hack into Brainiac's systems and place him in a bottle.
  • In the Fortress of Solitude Raids, Brainiac invades Superman's fortress in order to steal the kryptonian Sunstone Crystals hidden there. Superman and Luthor are forced to team up in order to prevent Brainiac from acquiring the crystals and players will have to eventually fight his Avatar of Meta, made from the sunstones.
  • In the Themyscira Raid, Brainiac has taken a source of magic called the Flame of Change and has built an Avatar of Magic around it, using the Flame's power to strengthen his troops. Heroes and villains will travel to the island to aid Wonder Woman and Circe in defeating Brainiac's newest Avatar.
  • In The Prime Battleground raid, heroes and villains will have their final confrontation with Brainiac as he unleashes his Prime Avatars onto the world.


  • Brainiac first appeared in Action Comics #242 (July 1958)
  • Brainiac is voiced by Corey Burton, who had previously voiced the character in Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited.
  • Brainiac seems to occasionally use Mesmerizing Lasso in combat.
  • Brainiac boasts a 12th level intellect, whereas humans only possess a 6th level intellect.
  • Brainiac in cutscenes resemble a Coluan, but in one headline kryptonian letters are seen in his technology.
  • Brainiac has 2 clones that players will confront.


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