Brainiac Forces on Brainiac Harvester Ship
A Brainiac Harvester Ship is an aerial unit in Brainiac's Forces used to abduct and transport various subjects from individual persons to entire blocks of buildings for later digitization, a process Brainiac refers to as "harvesting".

Upon Character Creation, this location serves as the player's initial training and introduction level for both moral alignments.

In-Game HistoryEdit

In an attempt to reclaim powers bestowed by his Exobytes, Brainiac abducts new heroes and villains and stores them within Harvester ships to be slowly analyzed and digitized. Some heroes and villains, however, break free from their imprisonment and, directed by either Oracle or Calculator, rampage through the ship to be eventually freed from Brainiac's clutches by either Superman or Lex Luthor, depending on their moral alignment.


Barinica Ship Map




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