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Braniac Incursion is a four part Global Briefing that can be found in a number of locations in the DCUO world. The Brainiac Incursion Briefings are unique in that they have multiple locations where each can be found (one for each starting zone). Please see the specific page for information on the locations of the Briefings found in that area.

Synopsis Edit

"Brainiac's attack rocks the world on it's heels!"

Locations Edit

Briefings Edit

Part 1: Brainiac Incursion: Lois Lane Edit

Lois Lane: "Louis Lane reporting for daily planet live. Look up in the sky. Is it a bird, a plane, or one of the new heroes and villains battling the new Brainiac threat. One thing is sure, even with the conflict between Superman and Lex Luthor or Wonder Woman and Circe, the one enemy they all have in common is Brainiac."

Part 2: Brainiac Incursion: Vicki Vale Edit

Vicki Vale: "This is Gotham Now, and I am Vicki Vale. The menace known only as Brainiac has attacked our planet and bottled up our cities. He's leveling entire neighborhoods in his quest to regain the exobytes. Luckily a whole new generation has risen to fight this menace, some led by our own Batman and, believe it or not, the Joker. These are our best hope against the alien menace."

Part 3: Brainiac Incursion: Brainiac Edit

Brainiac: "Attention citizens of Earth. Do not attempt to resist, or you will be destroyed. This planet, and all it contains already belongs to Brainiac. Your resistance only prolongs the inevitable."

Part 4: Brainiac Incursion: Brainiac Edit

Brainiac: "My sensors indicate you have strong exobyte gifted powers. Why do you fight against me? Your gifts are gifts from me. They came from my future technology. You are a child of Brainiac. Do not fight. Join your master. Give me your powers. Become one with Brainiac."


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from UNKNOWN SENDER, accessible from any Mail Terminal.

Mail icon From: SENDER UNKNOWN Subject: Tracking -- Tracking -- Tracking
"Brainiac subnode processing acquired data -- escaped Exobyte subject is seeking information on the collective. Data gathering assets appreaised of subject's last known location. Seek out and neutralize."
Attachment: Grooved Coluan Chestplate


Chest3 3

This briefing rewards the player with the Grooved Coluan Chestplate item, style Dresden 7.



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