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Based on raw power, brawling moves take time to land but deliver high damage with each blow. A slow, brutal style using fists to inflict maximum damage.

Permanent gain: +2% Critical Healing Magnitude.

A standard punch that is the default left-click attack for brawlers.
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Two-handed blast
A two-handed blast that is the brawler's default right-click attack.
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Skill Description
Lunging Right

Interrupts : Vulnerable to Interrupt
Interrupts and deflects ranged attacks with a forceful blow, with additional damage and knockdown when Supercharge is at maximum.
Permanently Gain: +15 Health

Ground Pound

Interrupts : Vulnerable to Block
Interrupts and possibly deflects ranged, sustained, or charge-up attacks with a strong ground tremor, with additional damage and knockdown when Supercharge is at maximum.

Stomp Smash

Block Breaker : Vulnerable to Interrupt
Launches a high-power, unblockable distance attack.

Double Fist

Interrupts : Vulnerable to Block
Knocks an enemy silly with a joined-hand strike.
Permanently Gain: +3 Restoration.


Interrupts : Vulnerable to Block
Backhands and knocks down an enemy.

Hammer Fist

Interrupts : Vulnerable to Block
Headbutts your opponent, knocking them down.
Permanently Gain: +1% Critical Attack Chance.


Interrupts : Vulnerable to Block
Delivers a powerful kick to your target.

Launching Uppercut

Interrupts : Vulnerable to Block
Sends an enemy flying with an uppercut punch.


Interrupts : Vulnerable to Block
Slams an enemy with a punishing follow-up blow.

Dominance [x3] Permanently increase statistics: Boost Dominance by +7 per point.
Critical Attack Damage [x3] Permanently increase statistics: Boost Critical Attack Damage by 4% per point
Health [x3] Permanently increase statistics: Boost Health by +15 per point.
Critical Healing Chance [x3] Permanently increase statistics: Boost Critical Healing Chance by 1% per point.
Power [x6]

Permanently increase statistics: Boost Power by +6 per point.

Might [x6]

Permanently increase statistics: Boost Might by +5 per point.

Restoration [x6]

Permanently increase statistics: Boost Restoration by +7 per point.

Vitalization [x6]

Permanently increase statistics: Boost Vitalization by +2 per point.

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