The Broodmother's Cranium is an epic iconic item in the head costume class.

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During the F.O.S raids players must stop Brainiac from harvesting the power from Superman's Fortress of Solitude Power Core. The 2nd Boss of F.O.S 1, the Sunstone Broodmother, is encased in a shield. Players must defeat crabs or insect Brainiac ads that jump from the surrounding canyon. Once defeated the crabs or insects drop shards that must be brought to the shield in order to break it. Once successful you will have your chance to defeat the Sunstone Broodmother and a chance to gain the iconic "Brainiac Sunstone" style.

The requirement to enter the F.O.S raids is a combat rating of 53 for expert raids and 50 for novice. Players are suggested to run F.O.S 1 and F.O.S 3 until achieving a combat rating of 70 or higher to complete F.O.S 2. Best of luck and hopefully this iconic will drop for you!

The chances of the Broodmother's Cranium style dropping are equivalent to the chances of a Remix Plan or the Helm of Omnipotence dropping or less than 1%. In order to get a good chance of getting the Cranium you must defeat the Broodmother boss once every week for at least 7 years since your 7 group members will probably get the Cranium.


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