Join Sinestro and elite Sinestro Corps warriors to take out the Green Lantern Corps' Green Power Regulator and John Stewart, one of the Green Lanterns of Earth.


"They call the Green Lantern rings the most powerful weapon in the universe. But let's cut though[sic] the hype. If they've succeeded in created in Green Power Regulator, stands to reason that destroying it will give you the edge and Sinestro the victory." — Lex Luthor
  • Find Sinestro and Defeat John Stewart
"After that light show, I'm betting the Green Lanterns have learned there is mroe to fear in Metropolis than just Sinestro. And that Sinestro has learned who his friends are. I'll have Calculator continue to look into those ring malfunctions. You never know when information will be useful. Luthor out." — Lex Luthor



  • The name of this mission is a reference to the oath of the Sinestro Corps.

"In blackest day, in brightest night,
Beware your fears made into light
Let those who try to stop what's right
Burn like his powerSinestro's might!"

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