Burnley is a district in Gotham City.

In-Game HistoryEdit


GothamBurnleyGotham - Burnley


~ Gotham University Campus
~ Gotham University
~ Von Gruenwald Tower
~ WGTU Radio
Gotham Mercy General Hospital
~ Giordano Botanical Gardens
~ The Greenhouse
~ Burnley Freight Yards
~ Gotham Arms Apartments
~ The Gotham Tap Room
~ Club 539
~ WayneTech Storage Facility
~ Brainiac Incursion Zone


North of Freight Yards

East of Freight Yards



  • The Burnley district is named after Jack Burnley; a comic artist, he was the first artist, after co-creator Joe Shuster, to draw Superman. He also drew the first print that featured Superman with Batman and Robin and had a drawing style of carefully drawing the musculature of characters that set the style of superheroes for years to come.

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