The primary freight yards in Gotham, the Burnley Freight Yards; located in Gotham City's Burnley district, is a chief location for importing and exporting material from Gotham City and as such has fallen under the corrupt control of the Falcone crime family.

In-Game HistoryEdit

Caught in the midst of a war between the Falcones and the GCPD, the yards have become a war zone as the GCPD attempt to secure a weapon shipment given to the Falcones by the Joker. As the presence of the weapons would aid in maintaining the chaos in Gotham, Joker sends a new villain in to assist the Falcones.
When the Huntress enters the yard's warehouse to secure the shipment, the Joker sends his own agent to stop her.







  • Batman himself abducts many vehicles and equipment from the freight yards for his own purposes.

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