Cadmus Research Findings is a collection of investigations that can be found scattered across the Area 51. There are 5 parts that comprise this set.

Synopsis Edit

"Area 51 is one of US Government's most secret installations, where Cadmus is currently running experiments on green kryptonite. Brainiac's attack provides a perfect opportunity to see exactly what Cadmus has discovered about this exotic mineral."

Investigations Edit

Part 1: Cadmus Research Findings - Kryptonite and Lead Edit

Kryptonite Orb 2

Investigation 1, located in the Fuel Depot
  • Location: Within the Fuel Depot, in the southwestern corner and center north edge.
  • Investigation: "Chief Researcher's log; Initial findings indicate that lead may block some amount of kryptonite radiation."

Part 2: Cadmus Research Findings - Radiation Poisoning Edit

Kryptonite Orb 1

Investigation 2, found in the Ammo Dump
  • Location: Various locations within the region of the Ammo Dump.
  • Investigation: "Chief Researcher's log; it's possible that kryptonite may cause radiation poisoning in humans."

Part 3: Cadmus Research Findings - Possible Energy Source Edit

Kryptonite Orb 3

Investigation 3, within Command and Control
  • Location: Located within the perimeter of Area 51 Command and Control.
  • Investigation: "Chief Researcher's log; there are indications that kryptonite may have applications as an energy source."

Part 4: Cadmus Research Findings - Effect on Kryptonians Edit

Kryptonite Orb 4

Investigation 4, within Command and Control
  • Location: Located within the perimeter of Area 51 Command and Control.
  • Investigation: "Chief Researcher's log; our research confirms that kryptonite causes considerable harm to kryptonians."

Part 5: Cadmus Research Findings - Types of Kryptonite Edit

Kryptonite Orb 5

Investigation 5, at the Brainiac Invasion Point
  • Location: Found near the northern corner of the Brainiac Invasion Point.
  • Investigation: "Chief Researcher's log; there are a variety of kryptonite isotopes, distinguished by color."

On completion Edit

Upon completion of this investigation players receive a mail message from Superman or Mickey Cannon, accessible from any Mail Terminal.

Mail message Edit


Mail icon From: Superman Subject: Victory in the Desert
""Not only did you defeat Brainiac's forces at Area 51, you were able to gather valuable research on the nature of kryptonite. Good work.""
Attachment: Grooved Synthweave Boots


Mail icon From: Mickey Cannon Subject: Recovered Research
""I'll have a word with my scientists about their careless handling of precious kryptonite research. I appreciate you gathering up their mess while suppressing Brainiac's forces at Area 51""
Attachment: Grooved Synthweave Boots


Icon Feet 006 Green

This collection rewards the player with the Grooved Synthweave Boots feet costume item (style: Paramilitary).