Noah Kuttler began his criminal career by crossing the country and getting into fights with various superheroes; analyzing and recording their battle tactics to ensure that he couldn't be beaten again. However, he ended up in prison serving nine consecutive life terms.

Kuttler escaped from prison and decided to reinvent himself. Hearing tales about a hero coordinator named Oracle, Kuttler turned himself into the Calculator; an "Oracle for supervillains". Being friends with several villains, he began to get people jobs and soon created a large network of information and connections thanks to his own intellect and information archives.


  • During the first instance in the Headquarters PvP arena, terminals that have been secured by Villains will have a hologram of Calculator hovering above them.


  • The Calculator offers mission information and objectives to villain players.


  • The Calculator is heard issuing warnings in the mission in the Hall of Doom when the player attempts to liberate Superman.
  • The Calculator teams up with Oracle to hack into Brainiac's systems and trap him with his own bottling technology after Brainiac is defeated at the end of Batcave: Brainiac Sub-Construct.


  • The Calculator first appeared in Detective Comics #463 (September, 1976).
  • The Calculator is voiced by Tracy W. Bush.
  • The Calculator was initially based upon a popular trend, in this case the pocket calculator, which was released in the early 1970s.
  • Noah charges $1,000 per question answered.


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