The Cathedral Square is a complex located in Gotham City's Old Gotham district.

The Cathedral was once intended to be the spiritual center of the city, with stone gargoyles and tolling bells watching over Gotham from its towers; designed conceptually to keep evil at bay, the Cathedral once dwarfed the surrounding buildings of Gotham.

Following the Earthquake that leveled the city and the subsequent No Man's Land edict, the cathedral was rebuilt and used as a focal point by Maxius Zeus and the children of Ares to gather faith and bring their father unto the Earth. The scheme was thwarted by Batman and Wonder Woman and their respective teams.

The cathedral suffered some structural damage during the Infinite Crisis and was restored the following year by the Ridge Ferrick Construction Company; a shell company of Intergang.





  • First appearing in the 1989 Batman movie by Tim Burton, the Cathedral became such a recognized Batman landmark that variations of the building was inserted into the comic books and other Batman media.