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Cavalier's Boots

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Cavalier's Boots
Icon Feet 008 Green

Style: Valentine

Cannot Trade

Cannot Sell

Costs 7x Aphrodite's Tokens

Cavalier's Boots are a rare-quality style item unique to the 2011 Valentine's Day Event. Use of the item unlocks the Valentine feet costume style.

Source Edit

Cavalier's Boots can obtained from Imp and Cherub item vendors found within Aphrodite's Realm, as well as console merchants found in the Watchtower and the Hall of Doom during the 2011 Valentine's Day Event. The item can be purchased for 7 Aphrodite's Tokens.

Vendor purchase Edit

The item was again available in 2013 and could be found in the freely available Box of Valentine's Gifts.

Style unlock Edit

Upon using Cavalier's Boots, a character unlocks the Valentine feet costume style, which can be accessed at any time from the Style Window.

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