• Each Celestial Combo is activated by using a weapon combo after a specific Celestial power.
  • The damage from the initial cast of a Celestial power is based on Might.
  • The damage from the activated combo power is based on the equipped Weapon DPS and Precision.
  • A combo power must be purchased with a power point in order to be activated from the initial power.
  • Each combo power is located in the opposite tree in the same location as the initial power.
  • Celestial Combos are Vulnerable to Counter Mechanics just like Weapon Combos.
  • Celestial Combos add special effects to the second attack such as Healing over time, Damage over time, or specific effects.
  • A Celestial power following a Multi-input Celestial Combo will cause additional damage and restore power.   
  • Combos begin inflicting and become Vulnerable to Counter Mechanics when they are performed in succession and damage enemies.

Blessed CombosEdit

Power Cleansed Combo
Smite Haunt Tap Melee
Renew Curse Tap Melee, Tap Range
Admonish Blight Tap Melee, Hold Range
Retribution Wither Tap Melee, Tap Range
Benediction Malediction Tap Range, Hold Range
Blessing Death Mark Tap Melee, Hold Melee
Wrath of the Presence Consume Soul Tap Melee, Hold Melee
Divine Light Plague Tap Melee, Tap Range, Hold Melee

Cursed CombosEdit

Power Corrupted Combo
Haunt Smite Tap Melee
Curse Renew Tap Melee, Tap Range
Blight Admonish Tap Melee, Hold Range
Wither Retribution Tap Melee, Tap Range
Malediction Benediction Tap Range, Hold Range
Death Mark Blessing Tap Melee, Hold Melee
Consume Soul Wrath of the Presence Tap Melee, Hold Melee
Plague Divine Light Tap Melee, Tap Range, Hold Melee

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