Logo - Central City Police

The Central City Police Department was where Barry Allen worked as a forensic scientist before he was struck by lightning and began a second career as the Flash.

In-Game HistoryEdit

  • Learning that someone was tempering with his past, the Flash (Barry Allen) sends a pair of heroes to the night of the lightning strike via the Cosmic Treadmill to stop the meddlers from altering the timeline.






  • Following Barry Allen's death, Angela Margolin stepped in as the CCPD's new police chemist. Focused on her job, Angel had no time or interest in a personal life but during a time when Linda Park had been erased from the time stream, Flash (Wally West) pursued a flirtatious relationship with her before he was momentarily lost in the future, during which she met and fell in love with an alternate Wally West named Walter West before he, to, had to leave to prevent timelines from merging.