Chang Tzu (also known as Egg Fu) is an super-genius inexplicably shaped like a giant egg. Of Apokoliptian origin, Chang Tzu has been employed by communist China since the Cold War and is able to reincarnate himself should his egg-like body be destroyed.
Recently he has taken to using a mechanical spider-legged exoskeleton; which possesses a hidden armory, in order to walk.


Originally a product of Apokoliptian technology created from a device Mister Miracle accidentally left behind on a visit to Earth, "Egg Fu"'s genius-level intellect quickly made him an agent for the People's Republic of China during the Cold War.

Years later, when a nineteenth-century super-computer was discovered and turned into one of many carnival attractions along Gateway City's Oceanside boardwalk, it revealed itself to be "Egg Fu" once activated and began dominating people's minds in order to transport them to Apokolips. This incarnation was defeated by Hippolyta, Donna Troy, Artemis and Wonder Girl before being removed from Earth by Metron and destroyed.

His next incarnation returned to work with the Chinese government as part of the country's super team; the Great Ten, before gaining dominion over Oolong Island.
Working in tandem with Bruno Mannheim from Intergang, Chang orchestrated the kidnappings of many genius-level scientists from around the world; including T.O. Morrow, Doctor Sivana and Will Magnus, and forcibly recruited them into a new "Science Squad" on Oolong Island in order to create new super weapons to sell.
Following the development of the "Horsemen of Apocalypse" and using them against Black Adam in Kahndaq. Chang Tzu manages to capture Adam on Oolong but is killed by Will Magnus and his Metal Men following Adam's escape.

Now resurrected once again, Chang continues running Oolong Island's Science Squad while now under the management of Veronica Cale

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  • This incarnation of Chang Tzu first appeared in Wonder Woman #128 (December 1997).
  • Chang Tzu is voiced by Ev Lunning.
  • Chang Tzu's appearance in the hard Oolong Island alert is different from the alert's normal mode, this is possibly a reference to the character's varying physical attributes every time he reincarnates.


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