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In the Shadowlands Circe is a pretty helpful ally.  Her magic projectiles knock off 1/6 of an opponents health. Her movement style is teleportation at the moment,which is pretty useful for getting around. Also her "Skull" attack is when she jumps up with a magical field that damages all opponents in the field for 3 seconds.  After fighting off the simple forces 3 Braniac giants arrive through a portal

Circe and Wonder Woman fighting off Braniac forces.

 that leads to the Shadowlands. Immediately Circe starts blowing away with her magic projectiles. Wonder Woman starts pounding away with magic fists. Then after those are defeated Wonder Woman betrays and destroys the alliance. Then with her magical "Lasso of Truth" she traps Circe in it. Soon after,you need to defeat Wonder Woman. shortly after you need to show Circe you are not just a tool,which leads you to trapping her in the Shadowlands until she accepts the fact that you are not her servant. She will invite you to join the Secret Society of Super-Villains.

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