Locate the Joker's second assault in Burnley by following the second set of the Riddler's decoded coordinates.


"The Riddler's bizarre fixation with riddles prevents him from saying anything directly. "When is an attack not an attack?" ...when it's a _feint_. He's saying the Joker attack here is just a diversion. But from what? There's a second set of coordinates. I'm sending them to your map now." — Batman
  • Travel to Second Decoded Coordinates
"These coordinates led us directly to another Clown attack. The Riddler must want us to shut the Joker down, but why? Whatever his reason, take advantage of it. Take out the clowns and then get the Nigma's next clue." — Batman
  • Secure the Safety of Attack Victims (0/10)
  • Defeat Joker Goons (0/20)
  • Travel to The Riddler's Next Clue
""Joker thinks he is king, but he is a tool?" It sounds like the Riddler is saying someone is jerking the Joker's string. But who'd be crazy enough to do that?" — Oracle

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