Collections are a collectible similar to investigations and player briefings. Their tokens are marked with a yellow question mark (?). When a token is collected it will drop a random item from its assigned collection and will respawn at a different spawn point after a few minutes. Completing a collection rewards the player with a unique item, mostly style tokens, sometimes also base items.

Collection Icon Arkham's Personal Collection complete Collection Icon

List of CollectionsEdit


Basic CollectionsEdit

Collection Location Reward
Alien Technology Avenue of Tomorrow Dresden 7 Style Item: Legs
Bibbo's Burgers Signature Plates Suicide Slums Tech Sniper Style Item: Hands (female) / Patriotic Style Item: Hands (male)
Big Belly BurgerTime Otisburg Dresden 7 Style Item: Back
Brainiac War Brainiac Incursion Sites Prince Ulgo Style Item: Shoulders
Centennial Centennial Park Steampunk Style Item: Head
Daily Planet Guides Downtown Metropolis and Historic District Firefighter Helmet Syle Item: Head
Depths of the Asylum Arkham Island SCU Special Ops Helmet
Gold Quality Boostercomms Avenue of Tomorrow to Historic District Booster Gold T-Shirt
Gotham Central East End Detective's Trench Coat
Gotham Fans East End Jester Syle Item: Hands
Gotham Gazette Guides Diamond District Archmagus' Gloves
Gotham Meetups East End and Gotham Common Boots of Light
Gotham Street Signs East End Arkham Riot Officer's Belt
Gotham University Gotham University Breastplate of the Believer
Kryptonite Isotopes Historic District and Old Dutch Quarter Plant Style Item: Legs
LexCorp Rapid Assault Gear Downtown and Midtown Metropolis LexCorp T-Shirt
Lois Lane Bylines Downtown and Midtown Metropolis Daily Planet Cap
Mana-Twisted Plants Metropolis Plant Style Item: Chest
Metahumanity's Vanguard Historic District, Little Bohemia Thanagarian Warrior's Helmet
Metropolis Fans Metropolis Plant Style Item: Shoulders
Metropolis Matchups Metropolis Wizardly Style Item: Feet
Metropolis Street Signs Metropolis Steampunk Style Item: Chest
Metropolis University Little Bohemia Relic Shoulderguards
MPD Science Cops Downtown Metropolis and Historic District Regulation Science Police Helmet
News From Around the Planet Metropolis Archer Style Item: Feet
No Man's Land Gotham Dresden 7 Style Item: Feet
Penguin Umbrellas Gotham Possibly: Jester Style: Legs
Robinson Remembrance Robinson Park Divine Style: Legs
Signs of the Great Ten Chinatown Straw Style: Head
Sorcerous Vanguard Chinatown Wizardly Style Item: Waist
Stagg Stop Maps Jester's Belt
STAR Prototype Gear STAR Labs Cap Style: Head
Steelworks Scraps Suicide Slums SCU Helmet Style: Head
Technology's Vanguard Gotham Divine Style Item: Back
The Hall of Doom Hall of Doom Prince Ulgo Style Item: Head
The Joker's Trick Cards Gotham Duct Tape Style Item: Face
The Watchtower Watchtower Prince Ulgo Style Item: Head
Vicki Vale Bylines Gotham Plant Style Item: Hands
WayneTech Watches East End Steampunk Style Item: Legs
You Are Wrong! Fan Service Midtown Metropolis Safari Style Item: Head

Alert and Raid CollectionsEdit

Collection Location Reward
Ancient Kahndaqian Relics Khandaq Plant Style Item: Waist
Chemo's Legacy Bludhaven Jetpacker's Gloves
Genetically Modified Maize Smallville Plant Style Item: Feet
Lunar Soil Compounds HIVE Moon Base
Rarest of Materials Oolong Island Hawaiian-Vacationer's Style Item: Chest
Science Squad Experiments Oolong Island Kryptonian Ventilator Style Item: Head
Volcanic Upheaval Gorilla Island Gorilla Soldier Style Item: Shoulders
Welcome to Groom Lake Area 51 CADMUS T-Shirt Style Item: Chest


Collection Reward
All the News Bobby Hat Style Item: Head
Alma Alumni Alumni's Jacket
Blinded With Science
Day in the Park Bell Style: Head
Fanning the Flames Falcone Glasses
Flatfoot Files Police Hat Style Item: Head
Gotham's Underbelly
Social Engineering
Street Savvy Steampunk Style Item: Hands
Technology is the Future
The Flow of Commerce
Treasured Artifacts Wizardly Style: Head
Treasures of the Vanguard
Wedding Vows Emblem of Devotion

Seasonal and Event CollectionsEdit

Collection Location Reward Event
Anniversary Antics Centennial Collapse, Equipment Supplier AE Title: of the Golden Age Anti-Monitor Anniversary Event
Relics of Blue Hope Centennial Collapse, Equipment Supplier AE Azure Misted Aura Anti-Monitor Anniversary Event
Classic Wedding Vow Global Jungle Heart Emblem

Valentine's Day

Emotional Wedding Vow Global Ninja Climbing Boots Valentine's Day
Renewal Wedding Vow Global Night Prowler's Goggles Valentine's Day
Spiritual Wedding Vow Global Emblem of Scorn Valentine's Day
Love Notes Zamaron Love Crystal, Valentine's Kiosk Heart Ribbon Aura Valentine's Day
A Collection of One Pot O' Gold (Vendor) House Leprechaun St. Patrick's Day
Four-Leaf Clover Metropolis Lucky Hoodie St. Patrick's Day
Jnk Frm th Ffth Dmynshyn House Leprechaun, Pot O' Gold (Vendor) Colorful Clover Aura St. Patrick's Day
Best Collection Ever Global Ambush Bug Base Pal April Fool's Day 2017
Fallen Stars Starro the Conqueror event Marks of Triumph Starro the Conqueror event
Space to Face Starro the Conqueror event Starro-Scarred Face Starro the Conqueror event
Starro Wars Starro the Conqueror event Starro-Tech Aura Starro the Conqueror event
Unlucky Stars Starro the Conqueror event Starro Spore Aura Starro the Conqueror event
Seeds of Spring Gotham HAZMAT Helm Spring Event
Swamp Things Sewer Rendezvous Butterfly Aura Spring Event
Atlantean Artifacts Little Bohemia & any Collections as double-drop Atlantean Rebreather Tides of War
Marine Life Fossils Little Bohemia & any Collections as double-drop Snorkel Tides of War
All Hallow's Peeves Gotham, Drops from Klarion Spooky Zanni Mask Halloween
Halloween Grab Bag! Gotham, Drops from Klarion Winged Monarch Mask Halloween
Holiday Naughty List Global Carrot Nose Christmas Event
Holiday Nice List Global Glowing Red Nose Christmas Event
What's Yours Is Mine Global Polar Bear Hat Christmas Event

Episode CollectionsEdit

Collection Location Reward Episode
Central City Attractions Central City Head: CCPD Lightning Strikes
Court Orders South Gotham Emblem: Law The Battle for Earth
South Gotham Scraps South Gotham Emblem: Order The Battle for Earth
Ace Chemical Safety Inspection Infractions Ace Chemicals Base Amenity: Soder Vendor Home Turf
Ace Chemicals Employee Training FAQ Ace Chemicals Base Amenity: R&D Vendor Home Turf
Chemo Compounds Ace Chemicals Dirt and Shovel Home Turf
Phobias Arkham Asylum Base Amenity: Mailbox Home Turf
Arkham's Personal Collection Arkham Asylum Base Amenity: R&D Station Home Turf
Asylum Contraband Arkham Asylum Playhouse Chair Home Turf
Medical Records Stryker's Island Craps Table Home Turf
Shivs and Shanks Stryker's Island Base Amenity: Bank Home Turf
Prison Library Stryker's Island Base Amenity: Broker Home Turf
Steelworks Robotics for Beginners Steelworks Funhouse Dentist Chair Home Turf
Steelworks Research Data Steelworks Base Amenity: Respec Station Home Turf
Steelworks Tour Guide Steelworks Base Amenity: Sparring Target Home Turf
Accoutrements of Good Gotham Wastelands Visage of the Devoted Sons of Trigon
Accoutrements of Evil Gotham Wastelands Helmet of Wrath Sons of Trigon
If Only... Gotham Wastelands Trophy of the Envy Cultist Sons of Trigon
Me Versus You Gotham Wastelands Shoulders of the Wrath Cultist Sons of Trigon
What's Lust Got to Do With It Gotham Wastelands Boots of the Devoted Sons of Trigon
Blue Lantern Corps Inscriptions Downtown Metropolis Battlezone Cap of Hope War of the Light Part I
Intergalactic Technology Downtown Metropolis Battlezone Planetary Technology Boots War of the Light Part I
Remnants of Rage Downtown Metropolis Battlezone Wings of the Betrayed War of the Light Part I
Broken Amazon Weapons Gotham Under Siege Mystical Legs of the Satyr Amazon Fury Part I
Themysciran Artifacts Gotham Under Siege Circlet of the Sorceress Amazon Fury Part I
Themysciran Awards of Valor Gotham Under Siege Harpy's Plumed Helm Amazon Fury Part I
Fragments of Mantis Artifacts from the Past, League Hall: Lockdown, League Hall: Security Breach Cape of the Deserter Halls of Power Part I
Mementos of Mister Miracle Midtown, Metropolis Miraculous Cape Halls of Power Part I
Relics of the Third World Artifacts from the Past, League Hall: Lockdown, League Hall: Security Breach, Necropolis: Relics of Urgrund Ancient Urgrund Pauldrons Halls of Power Part I
Tools of Apokolips Oolong Island (Intergang Crime Wave) Chestplate of the Firstborn Halls of Power Part I
Aftermath of Rage Historic District, Metropolis Battlezone Red Lantern Corps Wall Banner War of the Light Part II
Amethyst Affections Historic District, Metropolis Battlezone Star Sapphire Designer T-Shirt War of the Light Part II
Metropolis Battlezone Scraps Downtown Metropolis Battlezone Green Lantern Corps Memorial Statue War of the Light Part II
Mist Connections Historic District, Metropolis Battlezone Mist Container Backpack War of the Light Part II
Multi-Dimensional Weapons of the Bat Return to the Nexus GCPD Knight Helmet Amazon Fury Part II
Multi-Dimensional Luthor Technology Return to the Nexus Future Luthor Eyepiece Amazon Fury Part II
Secrets of the Labyrinth Labyrinth of Lost Souls Gloves of War Amazon Fury Part II
Secrets of the Underworld Throne of the Dead Cloak of Hades Amazon Fury Part II
Granny's Report Cards WANTED: Apokoliptian Commander, BOUNTY: New Genesis Protector Domineering Fury Headgear Halls of Power Part II
New Gods Items of Power New Genesis Daring Fury Helmet Halls of Power Part II
Orion's Gear New Genesis Astro Force Handlers Halls of Power Part II
Untold Stories of New Genesis New Genesis Belt of Discipline Halls of Power Part II
Flash Museum Memorabilia Flash Museum Burglary Flash Museum Balloon Episode 17
Bringing the Dark to Light Blackest Day Corrupted Talons Episode 18
Memories of Their Father The Demon's Plan Cape of the Demon Episode 19
A Trip to Wonderland Wastelands Wonderland Wrath's Conviction Episode 20
Darkness and Destruction Blackest Night Black Lantern Corps Wall Banner Episode 20
Museum Miscellany The First Piece Thanagarian Helm Episode 21
The Meta Big House Prison Break Prisoner's Shirt Episode 21
Scoops from Inside the Spire The Science Spire Science Spire Poster Episode 22
Space-Time Tools for Survival The Phantom Zone Kryptonian Militia Shirt Episode 22
Apokolips is Nigh The Will of Darkseid Apokoliptian Cannon Episode 23
Fourth World Items of Interest The Will of Darkseid Astro Helmet Episode 23
In the Belly of the Beast Brainiac's Bottle Ship Bottled City of Kandor Pedestal Episode 23
Apokoliptian War Devices Darkseid's War Factory Apokoliptian Shoulderguards Episode 24
Ballroom Crash Harley's Heist Whip Belt Episode 24
Breaking (Into) the Ice Iceberg Lounge Prehistoric Penguin Fossil Episode 25
Relics from Ancient Kahndaq A Rip in Time Ancient Kahndaqi Headpiece Episode 25
Lifestyle of a Billionaire Wayne Manor Gala Shakespeare Bust Episode 26
Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind Kandor Central Tower House of El Belt Episode 26
Havok of the Monsters God of Monsters Nectar of the Gods Amazon Fury Part III
Literature of the Amazons Seeing Shades Again Toga Shirt Amazon Fury Part III
Relics of the Underworld Amazon Fury Part III bosses, Olympian Equipment Supplier Necklace of Omnipotence Amazon Fury Part III
Remnants of the Minotaur Amazon Fury Part III bosses, Olympian Equipment Supplier Minotaur's Visage Amazon Fury Part III
Tooth and Nail Typhon's Monster Invasion Gorgon Headpiece Amazon Fury Part III
Treasures of Olympus Amazon Fury Part III bosses, Olympian Equipment Supplier Ring of Omnipotence Amazon Fury Part III
Wares of the Gods Olympus Thundergod's Boots Amazon Fury Part III
Devices of Degaton Age of Justice bosses, Allied Equipment Supplier Per Degaton's Belt of Omnipotence Age of Justice
Signs of a Savage Mind Age of Justice bosses, Allied Equipment Supplier Stormtrooper's Gas Mask of Omnipotence Age of Justice
Things Left Behind Time-Torn Area 51, War-Torn Village Stormtrooper's Respirator Helmet Age of Justice
Time Stealers' Stash Age of Justice bosses, Allied Equipment Supplier Temporal Paradox Capacitor of Omnipotence Age of Justice
World War Wanted Age of Justice bosses Marks of Victory Age of Justice

Special CollectionsEdit

Collection Location Reward Event
Fear is Yellow Time Capsule Amber Mist Aura Suicide Squad Training
Pure Rage Time Capsule Crimson Mist Aura Suicide Squad Training
Inspiration of Will Time Capsule Emerald Mist Aura Suicide Squad Training
Born of Fire Amazon Time Capsule Phoenix Material Monster Training
It's the End of the Underworld! Amazon Time Capsule Crown of Hades Monster Training
Love is Love Amazon Time Capsule Amethyst Misted Aura Monster Training
Artifacts of the Void Qwardian Time Capsule Void Material Anti-Matter Research
Relics of Orange Avarice Qwardian Time Capsule Citrine Misted Aura Anti-Matter Research
Relics of Black Death Qwardian Time Capsule Corrupted Aura Anti-Matter Research
The Black Flash Analysis Team-Up Time Capsule Black Flash's Cowl Mental Manifestations
Compassion is for Everyone Team-Up Time Capsule Lazuli Misted Aura Mental Manifestations
ecroF deepS Team-Up Time Capsule Negative Speed Force Material Mental Manifestations
A Brief History of Savage Time Torn Time Capsule Time-Torn Aura World War II Basic Training and Battle Preparation
Lids of a Lifetime Time Torn Time Capsule Time Torn Material World War II Basic Training and Battle Preparation
The Ultimate Arm Time Torn Time Capsule Robotic Arm Style World War II Basic Training and Battle Preparation

No Collections

Halloween Grab Bag complete

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