Ace Chemicals Employee Training FAQ is a collection comprised of ten documents that illustrate various safety protocols that were to be followed by Ace Chemicals workers. These documents can only be obtained by players with the Home Turf episode from collection nodes found around Ace Chemicals.


"Back when Ace Chemicals was open for business, a series of low budget instructional videos was created to answer new employee questions."

1: Can I dump toxic chemical into the ocean? Icon Sheet 001 Green
2: What if I fall into an open vat of chemicals? Icon Sheet 001 Green
3: How do I know if I’ve ingested lethal chemicals? Icon Sheet 001 Green
4: Do I really have to wear my HAZMAT suit? Icon Sheet 001 Green
5: What do I do if my chemicals gain sentience? Icon Sheet 001 Green
6: I have more limbs than I used to, is this okay? Icon Sheet 001 Green
7: Can I take radioactive material home with me? Icon Sheet 001 Green
8: Should I store chemicals in the break room? Icon Sheet 001 Green
9: When is Bring Your Daughter To Work Day? Icon Sheet 001 Green
10: Should we really have so many toxic barrels? Icon Sheet 001 Green


Mail Messages Edit

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from The Question or the The Riddler, accessible from any Mail Terminal.


Mail icon From: The Question Subject: Frequently Asked Questions
"The employees at Ace Chemicals ask a lot of good questions. And a lot of disturbing ones. Thanks for collecting these inquiries."
Attachment: Base Amenity: R&D Vendor


Mail icon From: The Riddler Subject: Employee FAQ
"You've got to love the production values on those corporate industrial videos. I'm not sure there's any great riddle at work here, but my fence tells me nostalgia items are quite popular these days."
Attachment: Base Amenity: R&D Vendor


BI Base Amenity Soder Vendor

This collection rewards the player with the Base Amenity: R&D Vendor item.



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